Entertainment World Hot News 21 Fall TV Shows To Check Out Before TV Runs Out Of New TV Shows – Gothamist

21 Fall TV Shows To Check Out Before TV Runs Out Of New TV Shows – Gothamist

Along with everything else, the COVID-19 pandemic brought the entertainment industry to a screeching halt for the spring and summer. Some productions are now carefully starting back up, but it seems possible we’re in for a dry period in which there won’t be many new or returning scripted television shows coming out later this winter. However, we still have a few months this fall in which the various networks and streaming services can unveil the last shows that they had in the can from before coronavirus.

Many of us could use as much entertainment as possible to distract ourselves from the otherwise unrelenting daily grind of news stories about pandemic spikes and election doomsday scenarios. But is TV still a thing? And are there any good shows to watch? Below, we’ve picked out a few highlights from the current and forthcoming schedule.

The Boys (Amazon Prime) I was lukewarm on the first season of The Boys, which was an exceedingly gory, somewhat juvenile superhero show about how if superheroes existed in the real world, they probably wouldn’t be very nice people. At the same time, it was also often a fun, easy-to-watch show, and had an unforgettable standout performance from Antony Starr as the sociopathic Homelander. Overall, the second season has been an improvement, doubling down on what worked in season one and adding Aya Cash as Stormfront, whose attitude about fame and power is pretty undeniably relevant to politics in 2020.