Entertainment World Netflix No, an ‘Among Us’ Movie Isn’t Coming to Netflix – Decider

No, an ‘Among Us’ Movie Isn’t Coming to Netflix – Decider

It doesn’t take long to figure out Hollywood’s production trends. If some book, game, or even meme becomes unreasonably popular there’s a good chance some executive is going to try and make a show or movie out of it. So it makes sense that an Among Us movie on Netflix would give even the most internet savvy fan pause.

First released in 2018, the indie game surged in popularity this year. Set in space, each player in the social game is given one of two roles. They can either be a Crewmate, whose job it is to repair the ship and identify the Imposters, or they can be an Imposter, a character whose sole mission is to kill as many Crewmates as possible. Because it’s entirely dependent on the choices of the friends playing, no two games can ever be exactly the same. Here’s everything we know about those bonkers rumors that this impossible-to-adapt game is coming to a screen near you.

Is Netflix Making an Among Us Movie?

Nope. Like Abraham Lincoln once said, don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Jokes about Netflix making an Among Us movie adaptation started to pop up around September 21. That was when artist @BixelsWixels posted a fan-made poster for the fake movie on Twitter.

It wasn’t long before other people started joking that Netflix would be making the fake movie. Netflix was probably pulled into this fiasco for a couple of reasons. Because of the streaming giant’s seemingly never-ending stream of content,