Entertainment World Hot News Twelve hours of Jude Law LIVE in new TV series – Euro Weekly News

Twelve hours of Jude Law LIVE in new TV series – Euro Weekly News

A unique TV first for Jude Law

ON Saturday,  October 3, at 8.59am a group of actors including Jude Law will be on the small island of  Osea, off the coast of Essex, seconds from hitting record on a unique TV first.

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For 12 hours, the cast of Sky and HBO’s new show The Third Day will be performing continuously, in real-time, for a “completely unique” TV event that falls in the middle of what would otherwise be a typical six-episode series.

Three separate but interconnected stories, told in three parts – Summer, Autumn and Winter – The Third Day launches with its first “regular” episode next week, telling the story of Sam (Law), a man who is drawn to the mysterious island but becomes trapped and isolated from the mainland.

After the three episodes of Summer comes Autumn, the 12-hour theatrical performance, and then the final section, Winter, which sees Naomie Harris arrive as Helen, a headstrong outsider who is also drawn to the island, searching for answers (it’s all very mysterious). Emily Watson, Paddy Considine and Katherine Waterston also feature.

When the single-camera starts to roll for Autumn, the behind-the-scenes team who have been working on