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Sandman TV series release date, cast, and plot – What we know so far – Looper

The Sandman principally follows Morpheus, better known as the entity Dream. Morpheus and his six siblings comprise a pantheon of sorts known as the Endless. The Endless are nigh immortal, though they aren’t exactly gods. You can think of them more like personifications of primordial forces. At the outset of the comic series, Dream is captured by the famous occultist Roderick Burgess, who keeps him imprisoned for 74 years causing untold damage to the universe at large. When Dream finally escapes from Burgess’ clutches, The Sandman begins in earnest, tracking Dream’s exploits in a completely non-linear, largely episodic epic that spans several universes and alternate dimensions. The disparate threads of The Sandman’s plot — amazingly — come together in the penultimate story arc of the series, entitled The Kindly Ones, in which Dream must finally reckon with the celestial repercussions of his past acts.

Gaiman had major updates for Collider about the narrative plan for season 1 of The Sandman on Netflix. According to the author, the streamer’s order calls for ten episodes, and the creative team plans to use them to cover the first two volumes of the original comic: Preludes & Nocturnes and The Doll’s House.

“So it’s 10 episodes, which will contain 16 of the comics,” Gaiman said. Though he assures long-time readers who have no doubt memorized all of the original Sandman scripts that, “there will be surprises on the way … I think that if you are somebody who loves the original comics, you will love