Entertainment World Netflix The Netflix Effect podcast looks at the company’s unique culture – Vox.com

The Netflix Effect podcast looks at the company’s unique culture – Vox.com

It’s basically a requirement for any company — and especially for tech companies in the last few decades — to boast about having a unique culture and corporate values.

That doesn’t mean those things have much to do with the way the company operates.

Netflix, for better or worse, is different: The leaders of the streaming company take their culture very, very seriously. They credit it with the success they’ve had upending the media world and forcing giants like Disney, Apple, and AT&T to chase after Netflix. They expect its 7,000 employees to take it seriously, too.

And so for the first episode of Land of the Giants: The Netflix Effect — our new seven-part podcast about the company and the impact it has made on Hollywood and the world — we wanted to dive into Netflix’s culture.

The company was happy to talk about it. Netflix has long been known for its “culture deck” — a slideshow about its HR philosophy it made public years ago and that has been broadly influential in the startup world.

And CEO Reed Hastings has a book — No Rules Rules — coming out this fall about Netflix’s culture. He thinks you may want to run your company the way he does.

When we told people outside of Netflix that we were making an episode about the company’s culture, we often got blank looks. But when we told current and former employees about our plan,