Entertainment World Hot News Is ‘Mrs. America’ a TV show or a streaming show? – centraljersey.com

Is ‘Mrs. America’ a TV show or a streaming show? – centraljersey.com

Question: The new Mrs. America program is being hyped everywhere and it looks like something worth seeing — but when I searched for it, I found nothing because it isn’t a TV show. It’s a streaming show on Hulu. Just a thought, but isn’t there a difference between TV and streaming? —Mary

Matt Roush: No more than there’s a difference between TV and cable. These days, to many Netflix is TV, ditto Amazon Prime Video and in this case, Hulu, and numerous other platforms. While I’m very aware that not everyone (especially these days) has the resources to subscribe to all or maybe any of these services, it is the wave of the present, and it’s where many of the most interesting series and limited series are ending up. The confusion about Mrs. America may be that it’s one of the first series to be presented by FX on Hulu, a new exclusive streaming platform for shows developed by the FX network. FX on Hulu was established after FX was acquired as part of the Fox purchase by Disney, which is using the FX brand to enhance the value of Hulu—while also expanding FX’s reach to the cord-cutting universe that has flocked to streaming. I’m still not sure how FX determines which new