Entertainment World Hot News Modern Family: US TV comedy bows out after 11 series – BBC News

Modern Family: US TV comedy bows out after 11 series – BBC News

Modern Family, one of America’s most popular comedies, drew to a close on Wednesday night after 250 episodes across 11 series.

Wednesday’s two-hour finale on US network ABC began with a documentary and concluded with a two-part episode.

The show, which follows three different branches of the same family, has been a huge success with viewers and critics since its debut in 2009.

However, viewing figures have dropped in recent years.

After the finale aired on Wednesday, the show’s fans took to social media to bid farewell.

Ellen DeGeneres tweeted: “Thank you to every single member of the cast and crew of Modern Family for consistently making us laugh and cry for 11 seasons. You’ve been a huge part of all of our lives and we miss you already.”

“Congrats to all my Modern Family friends on the completion of their 11-year journey. So honoured to have been a small part of such a wonderful series and so sad to see this incredible family leave us,” added actor Josh Gad, who has previously appeared on the show as a guest star.

Modern Family reached its peak popularity in 2013 and 2014, when it would generally attract an audience of at least 14 million viewers every week.

But as streaming services became more popular, the