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The Best TV Shows of 2020 (So Far) – Rotten Tomatoes

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Updated April 3, 2020

TV and streaming series and movies have performed an enormous service so far this year in providing some much-needed escapism in a world crippled by a health crisis. That so many viewers have latched on to Netflix docuseries Tiger King for that escapism is one of the most startling developments in this extraordinary time.

To help viewers still confined to their homes navigate the latest offerings, we collected all of the Certified Fresh TV and streaming titles of 2020 — the season premieres that occurred January through present that are Fresh with at least 20 critics reviews (five of those being from Top Critics). Below is a list of the best 2020 TV shows you should be watching, according to critics. They are ranked from those that were Certified Fresh at 75% or above, but subsequently fell below that threshold for CF designation, to the newest members of Rotten Tomatoes’ 100% Club, an enviable group whose members have gotten a positive review from every critic who’s seen them.

The year’s surprises so far among the best TV of 2020:

• That a docuseries about a gun-toting, guitar-slinging, gay polygamist, Oklahoma roadside-zoo owner would make such a splash with an audience literally trapped in front of their TVs is undoubtedly the biggest surprise of the year.

• That an intimate tale of love, humor,